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14. Februar 2019
Wenn der Patentschutz für ein Medikament ausgelaufen ist können Generika entwickelt werden, die denselben Wirkstoff enthalten.
04. Dezember 2018
Komplementäre Behandlungsmethoden werden bei Krebs vor allem eingesetzt, um Nebenwirkungen der Standardtherapie zu mindern.
26. November 2018
Durch eine Chemo- oder Strahlentherapie bei Krebs kann es zum sogenannten Strahlenkaries kommen. Diese geht mit Mundtrockenheit einher und kann zu Zahnverlust führen.
08. November 2018
Eine gute Mundhygiene während der Krebstherapie ist wichtig, um Schleimhautenzündungen vorzubeugen.
17. Oktober 2018
Homöopathie kann bei Krebserkrankungen therapiebegleitend zur Behandlung von Nebenwirkungen eingesetzt werden.

“Fatigue” is the French word for tiredness or exhaustion and is also being called languidness or lassitude. It designates an exhaustion symptom which occurs with chronic diseases. As it is perceived by the patient and not visually noticeable to others it is a symptom opposed to a medical sign and primarily used in connection with cancer. It describes a feeling of sustained tiredness and listlessness that has an impact on the daily life of the concerned persons. In despite of sufficient sleep the patient feels weak, exhausted and overstrained.

One of the difficult tasks while coping with fatigue is to make the surrounding understand the permanent exhaustion and tiredness. On the other hand the surrounding cannot see clear visible signs of fatigue and can experience difficulties to put themselves in the position of the patient. In order to prevent mental burdens, relaxing and joyful activities should be planned for every day.

Although fatigue patients experience permanent tiredness, many of them suffer from insomnia. A light hypnotic can help to fight severe sleeping problems but it should have a short impact and should not take an effect the next day.

In order to treat the lack of blood (anaemia), either red blood cells are administered to the body in a transfusion or the body’s own production of red blood cells is stimulated with hormones. Both methods lead to a quick multiplication of oxygen in the blood and, for this reason, to an increase of a person’s energy and productivity.

If the fatigue is caused by muscle weaknesses, a systematic exercise programme can be used for therapy. Endurance sports like jogging, swimming and cycling are effective means of exercise for fatigue patients.