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12. September 2018
Antje Bach hat ihre Mutter während einer schweren Krebserkrankung begleitet und unterstützt heute an Krebs erkrankte Frauen.
29. August 2018
Wie wirkt sich eine Krebserkrankung auf das Leben aus? Eine Betroffene berichtet über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Diagnose Krebs.
27. August 2018
Kommt es bedingt durch eine Krebserkrankung zur Tumorkachexie, kann Trink- und Sondennahrung helfen, Mangelzuständen vorzubeugen.
23. Juli 2018
Eine Krebserkrankung hinterlässt Spuren. Daher ist es wichtig, dass Betroffene nach der Abschluss der Therapie auf ihren Körper und ihre Psyche Acht geben.
05. Februar 2018
Schleimhautentzündungen sind eine häufige Folge der Krebstherapie. Mit der richtigen Mundhygiene kann einer Mukositis unter Umständen vorgebeugt werden.

One of the difficult tasks while coping with fatigue is to make the surrounding understand the permanent exhaustion and tiredness. On the other hand the surrounding cannot see clear visible signs of fatigue and can experience difficulties to put themselves in the position of the patient. In order to prevent mental burdens, relaxing and joyful activities should be planned for every day.

Although fatigue patients experience permanent tiredness, many of them suffer from insomnia. A light hypnotic can help to fight severe sleeping problems but it should have a short impact and should not take an effect the next day.

“Fatigue” is the French word for tiredness or exhaustion and is also being called languidness or lassitude. It designates an exhaustion symptom which occurs with chronic diseases. As it is perceived by the patient and not visually noticeable to others it is a symptom opposed to a medical sign and primarily used in connection with cancer. It describes a feeling of sustained tiredness and listlessness that has an impact on the daily life of the concerned persons. In despite of sufficient sleep the patient feels weak, exhausted and overstrained.

Fatigue appears as a symptom of several diseases. It is mostly mentioned in the context of cancer. Other diseases which cause fatigue are autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and mental disorders. Besides the physical impact of these diseases the often long-term and exhausting therapeutic measures are responsible for the genesis of fatigue.

The cause of fatigue is being seen as a combination of multiple facts and therefore develops for different reasons. The treatment of an illness can cause changes of the metabolism, the hormone level and brain functions.