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08. November 2018
Eine gute Mundhygiene während der Krebstherapie ist wichtig, um Schleimhautenzündungen vorzubeugen.
17. Oktober 2018
Homöopathie kann bei Krebserkrankungen therapiebegleitend zur Behandlung von Nebenwirkungen eingesetzt werden.
10. Oktober 2018
Während einer Krebstherapie wird auch die Haut häufig in Mitleidenschaft gezogen und benötigt eine besondere Pflege.
12. September 2018
Antje Bach hat ihre Mutter während einer schweren Krebserkrankung begleitet und unterstützt heute an Krebs erkrankte Frauen.
29. August 2018
Wie wirkt sich eine Krebserkrankung auf das Leben aus? Eine Betroffene berichtet über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Diagnose Krebs.

In order to treat the lack of blood (anaemia), either red blood cells are administered to the body in a transfusion or the body’s own production of red blood cells is stimulated with hormones. Both methods lead to a quick multiplication of oxygen in the blood and, for this reason, to an increase of a person’s energy and productivity.

If the fatigue is caused by muscle weaknesses, a systematic exercise programme can be used for therapy. Endurance sports like jogging, swimming and cycling are effective means of exercise for fatigue patients.

It is often difficult to distinct fatigue from general tiredness and exhaustion. A general gradation of tiredness does not exist. The judgement of the patient and the surrounding’s observation are the most significant criteria for a firm diagnosis.

A comprehensive conversation between patient and doctor is essential for the diagnosis of fatigue. Due to the fact that all patients react differently to the symptoms of chronic diseases and the therapeutic measures that are prescribed to cure them, most patients do not identify the exhaustion as a treatable symptom but as a necessary side affect to deal with.

Fatigue appears as a symptom of several diseases. It is mostly mentioned in the context of cancer. Other diseases which cause fatigue are autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and mental disorders. Besides the physical impact of these diseases the often long-term and exhausting therapeutic measures are responsible for the genesis of fatigue.

The cause of fatigue is being seen as a combination of multiple facts and therefore develops for different reasons. The treatment of an illness can cause changes of the metabolism, the hormone level and brain functions.